Home Insulation Grants for professionally installed home Loft Insulation and Cavity Wall Insulation

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How to Get Professionally Installed Home Insulation That's Cheaper Than DIY

  • Do you want your home insulated this Winter but are worried about the costs?
  • Afraid you'll have to DIY the task to reduce costs?
  • Worried about the finished job and the mess if you DIY?
  • Would you like a quality finished job but think you can't afford to have it done professionally?
  • Have you dismissed the idea of a home insulation grant because you think you're not entitled to one as you own your own home or are in full-time employment?

Well if you answer yes to any of the questions above then the chances are you're in luck and in for a nice surprise this Winter.

You Really Can afford Home Insulation This Winter

People in any of the situations above are often put off the idea of having cavity wall or loft insulation installed, even though it is something they would like to have done, as they are frequently poorly informed and have no idea of what they may be entitled to. Home insulation does not have to be as expensive as you think and there is more than one way to reduce costs than going down the DIY route. I am going to explain a way that for many people, who thought the costs were too great and that they were ineligible for help, you can have professionally installed insulation at a fraction of the normal cost and in most cases even cheaper than DIY.

In the UK if you own your own home or rent it from a private landlord you are entitled to at least a partial insulation grant of up to 70%, if not a full grant! These are Government-backed grants that are part of a Government initiative between themselves and the utility companies to reduce carbon emissions in the UK and have all homes insulated by 2015. In taking up one of these grants you also have the satisfaction of getting some of you money back from the utility companies who have not passed to us, as customers, the reductions in fuel prices they have experienced.

If you apply and receive a home insulation grant not only are you going to be given a significant grant towards the expenditure of the insulation but you will also be entitled to have it professionally installed at no extra cost.

Still think you are not entitled to a grant because you are in full time employment? Well think again because this is no barrier whatsoever as long as you own your own home, or you are a private tenant, you are entitled to a home insulation grant of up to 70%. This could even be 100% if you are on certain benefits, tax credits or allowances.

Think That DIY is Cheaper? Then Think Again

If you think the prospect of professionally installed insulation partially funded by a government-backed grant is not appealing enough and you are still considering DIY then you need to take a look at the following 10 reasons on why not to DIY.

  • DIY is Usually More expensive - even taking into account the buy one get one free offers that are available, DIY is usually more expensive than with an insulation grant.*(full cost comparison information available)
  • No Extras - the grants scheme involves lots of extras including lagging of pipes & tanks, draught proofing & insulating the hatch and fitting a walk board.
  • Takes Longer - Insulating a loft yourself could take you most of a day. A professional installer can complete the work in around an hour.
  • Quality of Workmanship - Unless you are a seasoned DIY enthusiast, the quality of your finished job will not be up to the same standard.
  • Level of Fitness - It requires a reasonable level of fitness to climb through the hatch and tread around carefully.
  • Risk of Personal Injury - Lofts are dark, cramped and dangerous. The chances of banging your head or falling through the ceiling are great.
  • Greater Risk of Damage - Pipework can easily be burst and electrical cabling can be disturbed. There is also a chance of damaging ceilings.
  • Dirty and Messy - Most lofts contain thick layers of dust and fibres from previously laid insulation.
  • Makes You Itch - It is a well known fact that laying insulation makes you itch. Professional installers are used to it.
  • You Can't DIY Cavity Walls - It is not possible to fit Cavity Wall Insulation yourself. It requires specialist equipment to blow the mineral wool in.

Taking advantage of one of these home insulation grants will result in professionally installed insulation at a fraction of the true cost and in a fraction of the time. You will be doing you bit for the environment by reducing carbon emissions as well as significantly reducing your heat loss and saving on future fuel bills.