Home Insulation Grants for professionally installed home Loft Insulation and Cavity Wall Insulation

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The grant scheme advertised on this web site has now ended. A new scheme has started recently, details of which can be found on our main Free Insulation site: Click here to find out more.

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Full Insulation Grants are available to private householders where anyone is aged 70+, or in receipt of certain benefits, tax credits or allowances. There is no catch; the funding is part of the Government's Carbon Emissions Reduction Target (CERT). The six major utility companies have an obligation to reduce carbon emissions from domestic properties and Insulation is one of the best ways to achieve substantial reductions in carbon dioxide.

40% to 70% Insulation Grants

Insulation Grants are available for all other homeowners and private tenants that can cover up to 70% of the cost of having Insulation professionally installed. The level of Grant funding depends on the type of property, how it is heated, the number of bedrooms, the size/area to be insulated and whether there is any existing Insulation in the loft. The Grants are not means tested so it does not matter if you are working or if you have any savings. You will typically receive a Grant of around 50%, but it can be higher.

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Applying for a Loft Insulation Grant or a Cavity Wall Insulation Grant is a straightforward process. Simply check that we work in your area by using the form on our Apply Page and then follow the instructions from there. If you provide an email address, you will receive an email immediately confirming that we have received your details. In most cases, your details will be sent straight to one of our approved Installers who will contact you by telephone within two weeks to arrange your free, no-obligation survey. Please note that we will only use your details for the purpose of helping you obtain an Insulation Grant. We will not pass them on to any third party organisations.

Two working days after receiving your details, you will also receive an email with the contact details of the Installer, in case you need to contact them. A surveyor will then carry out a survey and provide you with a quotation. If you are happy to go ahead, the work will be arranged. The Installer would then complete the work and take a cheque or cash on the day for your contribution towards the cost. They would then claim the Grant amount from a utility company or a managing agent. You would not have to complete any paperwork, except to sign a form to say that the work has been completed to your satisfaction.

N.B. Some Installers may take a deposit at survey.
  • Check that we cover your area and follow the process through
  • An approved Installer will telephone you to arrange a free survey
  • The surveyor will provide you with a written quotation
  • If you are happy to go ahead, the Installer will arrange the work
  • You pay your contribution by cash or cheque on the installation day
  • The Installer claims the Grant from a utility company on your behalf
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Advantages of Home Insulation
Cavity Wall Insulation and Loft Insulation are the two most effective energy efficiency measures available. There are five main reasons to install Home Insulation. You can save a huge amount of money on your heating bills, help protect the environment from global warming by reducing your carbon emissions and increase the value and saleability of your home. Insulation will keep your home warmer during the Winter months and keep your home cooler during Summer, while also helping to prevent condensation.
Save up to £175 per year
on your heating bills
by having Loft Insulation
professionally fitted in your home
Save up to £135 per year
on your heating bills
by having Cavity Wall Insulation
professionally fitted in your home